Peasant Knife Micro
WAIUKU, Auckland, New Zealand
  • brass, carbon steel
  • closed: 10.4cm open: 12.6cm
  • leather case: W10.3cm H4.5cm
  • knife in the case: 12.2cm H4.5cm
the product:
The SVÖRD folding knife features a brass handle and simple, compact design. It is a handy tool for camping and is also user-friendly for left-handed people. Tapping the back of the knife with the key ring releases the blade, which can then be retracted by snapping the blade back in between the brass plates. With a little practice, it can easily be opened and closed with one hand.
Named the “Peasant Knife", as it was inspired by the knives commonly used by peasants in the 17th century, it is made with the traditional techniques used in Bohemia and Bavaria.

The carbon steel blade is sharp and has a carved seal. Please keep it dry when not it use, and oil it for maintanence. The colour of brass handle gradually changes to a deep rich hue as you use it over time. You can either enjoy the progressive change in colour or polish it with a cloth moistened with vinegar to restore the brass to its original colour.
The soft, thick vegetable tanned leather knife cover is accented with the same brass rivets that are used for the knife.

The knife pictured is three years old, so it has lot has lost it's “new" appearance and has developed this beautiful colour over time.
the maker:
Bryan Baker called his company SVÖRD with the idea to create a name that reminds people of swords or knives and is easy to remember. At the age of 18, he decided to turn his hobby of making knives into a practical business. As each knife is made by hand, it was difficult for Bryan to produce enough knives at first. However, an encounter with a Czech knife maker led to a successful and sustainable increase in productivity.

The combination of high quality Swedish cutlery steel and Bryan’s technique for heat treating and tempering produces a superb blade, making his work a favourite among knife enthusiasts. Svörd make a wide variety of knives; from medieval knives to axes that are used in movies, to kitchen and zero-metal knives, they are all highly regarded for their precision as well as their functional designs.
All Svörd knives are 100% handcrafted in New Zealand.