lighting / decorating
Candle Holder
CHRISTCHURCH, Canterbury, New Zealand
  • recycled limestone
  • S: W8.5cm D9cm H8.8cm
  • M: W7.8cm D7.2cm H13.5cm
  • L: W7.3cm D6.7cm H13.2cm
the product:
A beautiful, hand-carved candle holder made from recycled limestone salvaged from the Rangi Ruru Church, which collapsed during the 2011 Christchurch, in New Zealand. The stone, which took hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of years to form, was used to build the church a hundred years ago. After the earthquake, it was salvaged and reshaped into something new.

Reflecting on the long life of the stone, 6x4 was inspired to shape the candle holder into forms reminiscent of quartz crystals. You can enjoy the history of the stone through the contrast of the original rough texture and the newly carved surfaces. The porous texture of the limestone, sometimes hiding little seashells, is quiet and comforting. The colour is gentle and beautiful, changing subtly in different angles of light.
It is finished with Briwax to protect and strengthen the stone. The limestone was originally a little paler, but the wax has brought out the grain and enhanced the pale yellow colour. This candle holder is also beautiful as an decorative object or paper weight.
the maker:
After a career in the Paris fashion industry, Steven Junil Park moved back to New Zealand to focus on his 6x4 project. He started the brand as a conceptual project during his years at art school, in 2012.

Steven values the history of materials and the processes used to shape them into beautiful objects. He makes everything with his own two hands and an uncompromising vision, from garments to shoes, accessories, furniture, and homeware. He chooses natural materials, recycled objects, and donated items. With sharp eyes, Steven brings new life to materials while acknowledging their past stories. He produces items that are functional but can also be enjoyed as decorative objects, reminding the viewer of the expanse of time and space in the natural world. Every piece he makes is unique and full of his experimental, bold, yet delicate ideas; garments and shoes crafted from recycled fabrics coloured with dyes made from natural materials such as walnut shells and hand powdered charcoal mixed with beeswax.