cutting / cooking / eating
Dual Grater
HILDESHEIM, Land Niedersachsen, Germany
  • 18/10 stainless steel, plastic
  • W6.5cm D1.8cm H34cm
the product:
This stainless steel grater from “Lurch" has a coarse and fine grater on both ends.
Thanks to Lurch's unique RazorTech technology, the stainless steel grater is free from burrs, distortions and deflections, giving it a sharp finish. The grater has a sharp, cutting edge, which allows you to cut food without crushing it. The ergonomic, gently curved shape makes it feel stable and comfortable to use, as if it were gliding on a rail.
The fine grater is ideal for zesting lemons and other citrus fruits, as well as grating hard cheeses (e.g: Parmesan), garlic, chocolate, ginger and nutmeg. The coarse grater can be used for a wide range of ingredients such as vegetables and semi-hard cheeses (e.g: Gouda).
The two different grating surfaces allow you to adjust the texture that is produced according to your taste and preference.

The bent ends make it easy to hook onto bowls, while the black rubber part makes it easy to fix to tables, etc.. and prevents slipping.
The slightly raised side edges make it easy to pick up while cooking, and prevents the grater from touching potentially unclean table or kitchen counter surfaces when not in use.
The adjustable sliding hand protector is a simple yet functional grip that protects your hands from the blade and keeps the grater safe to use.
Ginger fibers can be easily removed by simply washing and rinsing in the opposite direction. Dishwasher safe. Can be hung up to dry.
the maker:
In 1995, “LURCH" was established in Harsum near Hildesheim, Lower Saxony, Germany. Starting with the manufacture of safety can openers, the company developed a sharp grater with Germany's first photo-etching process technology, “RazorTech”, in 2002. Lurch's products are designed to be durable in a sustainable way, even at slightly higher prices, with the principle that “design follows function". The company develops new and delightful products that support the creativity and diversity of modern eating habits for its users. On Lurch's homepage, you can find many recipes using Lurch cooking utensils.