Octagonal Chopsticks
Kohchosai Kosuga Bamboo
NAKAGYO, Kyoto, Japan
  • bamboo, polyurethane finish
  • L23cm
the product:
The company started making octagonal chopsticks about 10 years ago as a way of making things that are close to people's daily lives while still producing traditional bamboo crafts.
An octagonal shape is used because the Chinese character for the number “eight" has a shape that expands towards the bottom, and is considered as an auspicious sign of prosperity.

The chopsticks are surprisingly light and the octagonal shape fit your fingers gently. By taking advantage of bamboo’s durability, the chopstick tips are finely and carefully finished so that even small grains of rice and tiny fish bones can easily be picked up. The delicacy of the chopsticks makes the food stand out event more because you don’t feel the presence of chopsticks when you eat.

The main material of the chopsticks is bamboo grown in Kyushu, a region with a warm climate which renowed for being the largest bamboo cultivation area in Japan. Bamboo is cut during October to February (Japan's late autumn and winter) because it's high nutrient content attracts insects during spring and summer.
After the bamboo is cut and dried, it is carbonised in a high-pressure oven with high temperature steam to increase its insect and fungus resistance. As the chopsticks are made of natural materials, they may become blackened by mould if they are left damp after washing. It is recommended to dry them thoroughly after washing.
the maker:
Founded in 1898, Kohchosai Kosuga is a long-established company that has maintained its traditions through the ages and uses its advanced techniques to produce bamboo products that enrich our modern lives. In addition to craft products, they now produce wide range of items for every day use such as bamboo baskets, bento boxes, chopsticks, bags, interior decorations, kitchenware, and incense. Bamboo has been ingrained in the life and culture of Japanese people since ancient times, and has long been regarded as a symbol prosperity due to being a fast-growing plant with a strong vitality.
Since it grows to full height in 4 to 5 years and is an environmentally friendly alternative to wood, it is gainging attention as a material for the “next generation".

Kohchosai Kosuga put the quality of bamboo first and make the best use of the materials. Their bamboo products are highly acclaimed and have won many awards at international expos.
They continue to produce environmentally sustainable bamboo products with great care, respecting the sensitivities and values that Japanese people have always cherished, such as sensitivity and politeness.