decorating / recycling
Tear-off Calendar
NAGOYA, Aichi, Japan
  • recycled paper, string, plastic
  • W25cm H36cm D2.2cm
the product:
This unique tear-off daily calendar, with dates written in Chinese numerals, is produced as a novelty for the sushi restaurants, soba noodle shops, and other Japanese eateries that are business customers of the Kinjirushi wasabi factory.

The calligraphy is based on the Kantei style of Edomoji (traditional lettering styles used for advertising), which was designed for use in Kabuki programmes. This style was chosen for the calendar because the thick brush strokes, with few gaps, symbolise fully booked seats -- a good omen for business prosperity.
The letters were handwritten by Hosaka Koutei, who wrote plots for Tokyo's Kabuki-za Theatre for about 40 years after World War II.

The cover of the calendar features a drawing of Mt. Fuji while the interior pages are decorated with traditional auspicious symbols, such as the twelve lucky animals of the Japanese Zodiac, and regional “Zodiac Dolls" from around Japan. The calendar is made in the hope that wasabi, a traditional Japanese ingredient, will always be loved by people around the world.
the maker:
Kinjirushi Co., Ltd is a wasabi manufacturer that started its business in Nagoya's Yanagibashi Central Market, in 1929. With the philosophy of “contributing to the improvement of the world's health and food culture through our products, with gratitude for the blessings of heaven, earth and mankind," the company produces fragrant wasabi and various other seasonings, which enhance the flavour of food.

Wasabi, a perennial plant native to Japan, requires an environment with consistent temperature, so can only be cultivated in a few areas of Japan. Kinjirushi cultivates wasabi for three years which is much longer than usual. Its domestically grown wasabi products are highly regarding both in Japan and overseas because of their high quality and safety, and are exported to more than 60 countries worldwide. Moreover, the company constantly develops and researches health food products and cosmetics focused on the health benefits of wasabi, such as detoxification, anti-oxidation, improvement of cognitive function and blood flow, as well as a beauty treatment for skin.
・Limited to 100 copies
・Sales will start in mid-October
・Maker ships Japan domestic only (free shipping)
・Please contact YOI-YOI for international shipping