Cider Glass
GRANDA-SIERO, Asturias, Spain
€10.16 | 6 units
  • crystal
  • H11.6cm ø8.5cm
the product:
A glass made for drinking traditional Spanish cider. Cider is a light, sparkling white wine made by fermenting apples from the region. It is characterised by its low alcohol content and high acidity. The Asturias region in northern Spain is one of the most famous cider producing areas. In this region, there is a cider drinking ritual known as “escanciar", in which the cider is poured from an elevated position with arms outstretched into a low-holding glass. This flat-bottomed glass is designed to allow the cider to aerate, foam and release its aromas.

The glass is made of crystal with a high porosity, which allows the cider to penetrate the glass more easily. The whole glass is thinner than a wine glass, so you can feel the temperature of the cider when you hold the glass in your hand.
This cider glass, Sella 50 glass, is also used as a txakoli glass to drink txakoli wine, a specialty of Basque, Spain.

The Sella 50 glass is available as part of the Sella glass range, which includes the 500 ml Sella 50 glass, the 350 ml Sella 35 glass and the 250 ml Chiquito Sella glass, which means “small". Chiquito Sella Glass. The Sella 50 Glass, is known locally as “traditional" because it was the first to be made, and is also named after the Asturian city of Gijón.

The Chiquito Sella glass is a classic Basque glass, which takes its name from the word “zurito" (meaning small draft beer), and is also popular as a bodega glass. The Sella glass range, which is a series of glasses of different heights and dimensions, is popular in many bars and restaurants in Spain.
the maker:
In 1971, José Ramón Bernardo founded the company Bernardo Representaciones in Asturias, northern Spain. Bernardo created Sella Glass, which is made of durable thin glass, as the locals needed thin glasses to drink the ciders native to northern Spain. Now renamed DKRISTAL, the company has been developing bespoke and original glassware for two generations. DKRISTAL's glass is denser, more refractive and more transparent than crystal or glass. They are also durable and have an incomparable thinness and lightness.

DKRISTAL specialises in glassware such as wine glasses, cocktail glasses, coffee glasses and pitchers, which are used in many restaurants and bars in Spain and abroad.
special thanks: Iván Montero Peláez